Pillow talk!

The thickness of your pillow affects your sleeping posture and circulation. If you prefer to sleep on your back, we recommend that you choose your pillow from the Univisio-light range. Those with broad shoulders require a particularly firm pillow. Two pillows of different thickness are recommended for restless sleepers to allow them to find the ideal pillow shape for any position. Try out different styles to find the one that suits your neck best.



Finding the right duvet is bliss!

Choose your duvet according to your bedroom temperature. A good duvet is both light-weight and fresh! It should be wonderfully warm and sufficiently breathable. It should not make you feel hot or oppressively uncomfortable. Some people prefer to make their bed into a cosy nest, while others prefer a light, fresh feel. The most important thing is to ensure that you are neither too hot nor too cold. Don’t forget to change to a lighter duvet when spring arrives and temperatures start rising!



Home sweet home!

Use the curtains, bedspreads and decorative cushions in the Univisio interiors range to put the finishing touches to your home. Our interiors range features a wide variety of matching designs, including wonderful bedspreads and bed skirt.

Rise and shine!

Univisio sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases protect your bed and feel soft and breathable against your skin. High-quality and easy-care, they improve the durability of your duvets and pillows.
Our sheets and mattress pad covers make bed making easier and protect your top mattresses.

Bed linen

Made from high-quality cottons and luxuriously soft satin, the Univisio bedlinen feel
wonderful against your skin. Our fresh and stylish prints are created by Finnish designers.

Top sheets
Our top sheets put the finishing touch to your bed and protect your top mattress. Bed making is made
easier and your bed will stay looking neat and tidy. Our top sheets are made of high-quality, preshrunk cotton, making them easier to handle, even after washing.

Top mattress protector
The quilted protector enhances the comfort and softness of your bed.
The quilted top mattress protector is fitted with a handy elasticated fastening,
which keeps it firmly in place.
You will only need to wash the protector, not the bulkier top mattress itself.

Department stores and supermarkets

Univisio products are available in all well-stocked department stores and
specialist shops throughout Finland, including

Kodin 1
Sokos department stores
Stockmann department stores.
J. Kärkkäinen Oy


Sleeping tips


Sleeping tips

Off to Bedfordshire! Handy tips for a good night’s sleep:

• Make your bed a place for sleeping. Eating and watching tv should be done elsewhere
• Only got to bed when you feel tired
• Get out of bed as soon as you wake up, preferably around the same time every day
• Avoid coffee and alcohol for at least two hours before bedtime
• Try to spend your evenings relaxing and doing things you enjoy
• It’s OK to have a light snack just before going to bed
• Use calm colours and materials to decorate your bedroom
• Shut out noise and light using curtains, rugs and other insulating materials



Univisio cover materials

Helps you to relax and get to sleep by reducing static from your body.

Both luxurious and breathable, this silky-soft, environmentally friendly fabric is made from all-natural fibre.

Topcool This micro fabric keeps your bed fresh and comfortable, with a cover material that actively wicks away moisture.

Soft and fresh against your skin, our cotton and cotton mix fabrics are proven safe.

Univisio filling materials

This anti-bacterial acrylic fibre offers protection from dust mites.

Fillwell Dual

Airy cluster or spiral fibre helps retain the fluffiness and flexibility of your duvets and pillows.



Univisio cover materials

eole Temp

unilux green

Care Instructions


Care instructions for duvets and pillows

   To make your bedding last longer:

•    Air your bed a while before making it
•    Plump up your duvets and pillows every day to maintain fluffiness
•    Air all bedding as often as possible
•    Wash your pillow 2-3 times a year using a third of your normal amount of detergent
•    A 60°C wash kills off dust mites.
•    Tumble drying restores fluffiness to cluster fibre pillows
•    Replace pillows approximately every two years and duvets every 3-5 years

Washing instructions

We recommend that you wash bedlinen separately two to three times before using them, preferably inside out.

Duvets, pillows and mattress pads only require a small amount of detergent and a short spin cycle to retain their fluffiness.  Pillows should be dried flat but please take care to ensure good ventilation.  Certain items benefit from tumble drying while others prefer to be dried flat.

Bedspreads should be re-shaped when damp.
Curtains enjoy a gentle wash in accordance with their care instructions.

Customer Quide

Choosing your bedding

A good night’s sleep is a sum of many parts. It is therefore important that you carefully consider your needs and preferences when choosing your bedding.

If possible, start by setting your bedroom temperature a couple of degrees lower than in the rest of your home. Then choose a quilt that is warm yet breathable. If your bed feels overly hot, swap your duvet for a lighter one. It is a good idea to have separate duvets for summer and winter – getting them right means that you can always keep your bedroom feeling fresh and well-ventilated.
Another good tip is to consider each member of your family individually when choosing their bedding. What are their preferred sleep positions? Do they need a high or a low pillow? Are they coldy cats or hot heads?

And let’s not forget about the environment either! High-quality materials are longer lasting and new bedding, made from 100% recyclable natural fibres are both silky soft and fresh and breathable.

Anti-bacterial duvets and pillows are recommended for people who are prone to allergies and sweating. If you sweat heavily, your bedding will need to be breathable and able to effectively wick away moisture.

Designed for your individual sleeping comfort, the Univisio bedding line offers the duvets and pillows you need for a good night’s sleep.


Our vision: Better sleep.

Univisio is a manufacturer of high-quality bedroom textiles, quilts, pillows and interior design products.  Our designers create products that are not only comfortable but also safe and extremely easy to care for. The Finnish key flag mark is a guarantee that our products are made in Finland.

The best materials, expert know how and a sophisticated product development function are the building blocks of the genuine Univisio concept. We have developed comfortable and safe materials that are easy to maintain and suitable for people with allergies.

Our quality system meets the ISO 9001 standard and ISO 14001 environmental standard requirements.

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